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Good news for gaming and gamers from Intel and Micron:

Intel and Micron are two of the biggest companies in the semiconductor space, and today they shared an announcement that they have started production on a new category of computer memory. Called 3D XPoint, this next generation of memory increases speeds upto 1,000-times faster than NAND, which is the memory most commonly used in computers today. Put simply, this tech will enable processors to access huge bulks of information at rates we haven’t seen before.​

Check out the rest here. PC Master Race!
PC IGN has posted a review of Guild of Dungeoneering where:

As you play, you unlock all kinds of armor, helmets, weapons, and off-hand objects associated with one or more cards. After you defeat enemies and find treasure, you get to pick from one of three (sometimes more) pieces of gear, so you’re constantly building up and adjusting a special deck of cards to your liking. The different combinations of gear add a wealth of creative and strategic freedom to an otherwise-basic card game. Countering a move from an enemy with a card that I just picked up in my last turn was always satisfying, as I knew I’d made a good choice.​

Plenty of more to read about through the link.
GamesBeat has posted details of Nvidia and AMD's efforts to be ready for the release of WIndows 10:

Nvidia and AMD have already made all the preparations to ensure that their graphics cards will work with Windows 10. Some consumers have used Windows 10 for weeks as part of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program, and both of the graphics giants have already launched drivers that have enabled people to get the most out of gaming from the new OS.​
Polygon reviews King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember saying that:

From exploration to puzzle-solving to the charming story and lovely graphics, King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember is a delightful game. It takes some of the Telltale formula, then adds in a lot more action and problem-solving and combines that with a story that isn’t grim or terrible, but instead remains fun, funny and engaging. Old fans and new will find something to enjoy here, in a genre that’s all but disappeared from gaming.​

Read through the full review here.
Reports from PC Gamer show that Bethesda is concentrating on making Fallout 4 as good as it can and not concentrating on modding tools for release:

"Our entire focus is on finishing the game," Hines said. "Nobody cares about mods if the game sucks. This has always been our philosophy. We shift energy to construction tools, the creation kit, and all of that stuff once the game is done, and we start to figure out what all of that is going to look like."

The studio is focused on getting Fallout 4 polished before its release later this year, and once that's done it'll start focusing on the creation tools. It'll be no easy task, since Xbox One users will also be able to access mods.​
Polygon is reporting that a new mode is coming to Splatoon:

The multiplayer-focused shooter's new Squad Battle matchmaking mode will allow players to create a squad and play in Ranked Battle, instead of being paired with random teammates. Private Battle mode will support custom matches for two to eight friends. After the update, Regular Battle and Ranked Battle modes will see their level caps raised from 20 to 50, and players will be able to reach a maximum rank of S and S+, both of which are higher than the current A and A+ ranks.​