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It’s always your turn in Atlas Reactor, the upcoming Team Tactics game from Trion Worlds. Simultaneous turns breed fast-paced action in this battle for the last Reactor on the planet!

Looks like elements of this will be hitting a number of products across PC, console, and tabletop gaming.

Legendary action game designer Hideki Kamiya breaks down how combat will work in his dragon-tastic upcoming action-RPG, Scalebound.

PC Gamer takes a look at part 1 of Pillars of Eternity: The White March saying that:

The White March is fine. It’s no Throne of Bhaal or Tales of the Sword Coast, but it’s a reasonably entertaining chunk of new quests, and a nice change of scenery. You’ll return from the frosty White March with quality loot in your stash, mountains of experience points, and two new weirdos to adventure with, but not many great tales to tell around the campfire. I’m not sure what Part II of the DLC will entail, but hopefully it has a more compelling story to accompany its dungeon-crawling.​
GamesBeat reviews Disney Infinity 3.0 and gives it high praise:

Disney Infinity 3.0 is an improvement over its predecessors in nearly every conceivable way. While it is still features a cartoony style that doesn’t quite push the limits of modern consoles, it is an enjoyable game (especially if you have children to share it with) with as much content as the Death Star has destructive power. Despite a few annoying bugs, I found myself returning to the game over and over every time I had a spare moment. I have a very bad feeling about how much time my son and I are going to sink into this game and about how much money I’m going to spend on additional Play Sets and figures.​
From yesterday (when I was playing SWTOR and not updating) :)