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PC Gamer took an early peek at Stellaris and it certainly sounds promising so far:

Stellaris’ largest map size generates a four-armed spiral galaxy with 1000 inhabitable stars spread across it—each with a solar system and planets of its own—which leaves enough room for a whopping 32 players or AI factions to fight for supremacy. That’s going to make for some amazing stories.​
Forbes Games posted their review of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. Their thoughts:

All told, The Old Hunters is a devilishly challenging addition to an already brutal game. With its release, Bloodborne transforms into an even beastlier and more grotesque experience, and it’s better than ever—a blood diamond in the rough even in a year chalked full of incredible releases.

If you haven’t played Bloodborne yet, this is the perfect time to start. If you’ve already sliced your way through the bloody streets of Yharnam, The Old Hunters gives you plenty of good reasons to come back for more. I give the expansion a resounding Buy in my Buy/Hold/Sell scale. It’s worth every penny and every bloody, grueling minute of your time.​

Get the full details here.
Ten Ton Hammer has posted a review of Fallout 4 noting that:

Fallout 4 is an outstanding game well worth the money. While the base game itself can be lacking in some areas, there is so much content that it's hard to say it's not worth the price tag. In addition to that, the fact you can mod it to extremes and many of the Skyrim mods should find their way over to Fallout make it probably one of the biggest content games out there, if you include the community.​

Check out the full review through the link.
Gamespot reviews WWE 2K16 saying that:

Worse than the technical shortcomings, off-the-mark combat, and terrible omissions from the roster, Yuke's failure to capture the heart of WWE makes WWE 2K16 such a disappointment. The modern WWE is overflowing with talent. The series’ inability to deliver on the magic of WWE's characters and athletes, beyond number crunching and subpar combat, indicates that this series is still far from being able to relive the magic of the squared circle inside your living room.​

Check out the full review here.