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New Profile Posts

  1. JamesD
    JamesD Jagmas
    Hi! all my posts -awaiting moderation. Can you change it? thanks
  2. WilliamV
    WilliamV Jagmas
    Hello, my posts still ,, awaiting moderation,, please fix it
  3. TheLovingLeah
    I want chicken...
  4. AntiPvP
    AntiPvP Jagmas
    i want to join your ARK server
  5. Jagmas
    Updated the Blog Section in Site overview post under the Feedback forum to let folks know that Blogs aren't limited to gaming.
  6. Jagmas
    Fixing movie forum up
  7. Jagmas
    Figuring out what to play today
  8. Jagmas
    Doing regular updates..
  9. Jagmas
    With ESO launch and PAX next week I will probably wait until after Pax to start doing front page updates.
  10. Jagmas
    Still housecleaning but things are functional..more posts, testing later
  11. Jagmas
    Registration issues fixed. Now I need to finish information updates on what's available.
  12. Jagmas
    Making a few more changes before I open this place up...